This date keeps gaining more and more participants every year. Many shoppers around the globe are so absorbed in the elixir of savings, that they fall headlong into the trap that sometimes lurks around this type of sale.

What is Black Friday?
Like we have endeavored to answer in some of our previous posts; to this day, Black Friday is a commercial event in which, for several days, many businesses offer discounts and apply discounts to their products.

Of course in some countries, it did not become known until recently, although its history dates back to the 80s in the United States, specifically in Philadelphia. It had been happening for many years in a row that, the day after Thanksgiving, people get going crazy doing Christmas shopping and crowding the roads and streets of the city with vehicles. Due to the commotion that ensued, the police officers whose turn it was to regulate traffic began to use the term black Friday (literally, black Friday ) to refer to that day.

When is Black Friday?
Black Friday begins, as its name suggests, on Friday. Specifically, we are talking about the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Its duration depends on each trade, but it generally lasts throughout the weekend and ends up giving way to Cyber Monday, which is celebrated on Monday.

How do some businesses take undue advantage of Black Friday?
Today, many businesses join Black Friday to boost their sales in exchange for offering lower prices than usual. However, there are times when these shops are too smart and try to sneak in discounted prices that, are of reduced value, or have little significance. In essence, what some businesses do is raise their prices well above the usual value so that when Black Friday arrives, they can promote a substantial price drop without actually falling below the original price.

We generally see this practice in higher priced products. For example, a television that costs $750 all year round, can be raised to a price value of $980 just a week before Black Friday starts; thus, when this day arrives they will sell it for $680, disguising a $ 300 discount which, in reality, is a $ 70 price difference. We can also find cases in which prices do not rise, but remain or even drop a few cents, but disguised as a discount. Think of gloves that for $40 would seem expensive; On Black Friday, you would have the same gloves with an alleged previous price of $69.90, but reduced to $39.90. In effect, there is only a 10 cents difference, although if we see it as a 43% discount, it is no longer perceived as expensive, but rather as a bargain.

How not to be fooled
To avoid this type of deception and buy only the products that are discounted, it is best to look at the prices in advance. Besides, it is convenient to look at it in all the stores where you can buy this product since we do not always know which ones will join Black Friday and which ones will not. And even within the businesses that participate in this commercial event, there are times that they only discount certain specific items and they may not be the ones that interest us.

Unless you are some kind of genii in a sci-fi movie, like Sheldon Cooper or Lisa Simpson, we would recommend that you write down somewhere what these items cost before Black Friday. You can go easy and make screenshots or write them down in a note on your mobile, or work on it more and use an excel sheet; whatever, as long as you don’t forget.

How to get the most out of it
Subscribing to newsletters in advance can also come in handy because many companies offer exclusive discounts and promotional codes by email. The point is that, due to data protection laws, these emails can only be sent to people who are subscribed to marketing communications.

We know that it can be annoying to receive emails from a lot of businesses constantly, but think that this type of communication is something you can subscribe to and then unsubscribe at any time. It’s as easy as subscribing in November, waiting for Black Friday to pass (or whatever time it is), and, when you get tired, easily unsubscribe from the text at the bottom of any promotional email.

Where to buy on Black Friday
Black Friday has been typical of large companies such as Amazon, the Inditex group, or the technology giants. This has caused a stir in debates about the ethics of Black Friday in the face of local commerce. The participation of these big players, nonetheless, has inspired the participation of smaller businesses in the Black Friday fiesta.

Black Friday and small businesses
The need to compete in the market has led small businesses to join the wave of Black Friday, as the economic hegemony of multinationals and large companies threatened to destroy local businesses; those who fill our streets with life with their special attention and affection that they put into everything. That is why we must take them into account, on this date as much as on any other, and visit their physical and online stores to support them as much as possible.

Amazon and Black Friday
Amazon was the precursor to Black Friday; one of the businesses that most influenced its expansion; so it has special representation in this commercial event. Sometimes there are things that we only find on Amazon and, sometimes, it is more convenient and cheaper to buy. However, many of the discounts that Amazon offers for Black Friday are exclusive to its premium customers, so you have to pay separately.

Internet scams and digital pickpockets
Like pickpockets in the street, they take advantage of crowds of people; in markets, demonstrations, the Metro, etc; digital pickpockets do the same, but on the digital platform. They take advantage of the chaos and sense of urgency when shopping online that consumers feel with messages such as: “Run, Hurry!,« Express offer: 3 hours and 15 minutes left! ». Thus, amid the virtual rush, it is easier for them to commit fraud and scams on the internet.

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